7 Least Known Technologies That Are Going To Change Our Lifestyle Forever

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These days Lifestyle and Technology have become almost synonymous with each other. We might not notice its impact on sight, but if we take a closer look we’ll be able to understand how it’s being slowly integrated into our lives.

Think about something you do every day, if you can think about it, it’ll have a technology associated alongside it. That’s how much technology affects our daily lives.

And with technological advancements, these technologies have advanced too. And there’s a greater possibility that you don’t know much about these lifestyle impacting technologies.

But don’t worry! We’ve gone through each corner of the internet to bring forth these amazing technologies that might have had little knowledge about it.

So, today we’re here to take a close look at these 7 Least Known Technologies That Are Going To Change Our Lifestyle Forever. Let’s start!

#1. Workout Mirror

How often have you sighed about your physique? If you’re a person that has a job but no time for other activities, then you probably don’t have a good physique. But that’s nothing to worry about if you own a workout mirror.

What’s a workout mirror you ask? Well, it’s what the name implies, a mirror but it comes with a twist. This mirror provides expert instructions from the country’s topmost fitness instructors.

The workout mirror even has real-time optimization and live feedback on your workout sessions. It has the added benefit of choosing any kind of workout sessions such as Yoga, Boxing, and cardio classes. The workout mirror can even track your heart rate with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor or an Apple Watch.

Yes, that’s true! Like doggo here, most of us tend to burn out after working out a few days. That’s mainly because of the fact it feels tedious and doesn’t find it fun and challenging. That’s where the workout mirror excels the most.

You can set your goals in the mirror to compete with yourself. You can also check the results of your workout afterward. This mirror is truly the definition of a personal gym!

But one thing that isn’t favorable to the mass is the price point of a workout mirror, as they can be above $1500.

So what would be a good alternative for a workout mirror if you don’t want to dish out that amount of money? Don’t worry I’ve got the perfect solution for that too! It’s a product that goes by the name of RIPT90Fit.

What’s RIPT90Fit you ask? It’s a 90-day workout program that contains 13 videos to guide you on your route to have a good physique. This product guarantees that you can burn fat and build up muscle mass

The RIPT90Fit also includes a full-fledged Training guide and planning calendar. And with the help of a meal planner and workout tracker, you’ll get in the best shape of your life in no time! It’s certainly worth a look.

Link: https://amzn.to/3fHW3vS

#2. Intelligent Home Gym

Now we’ve talked about a technology related to freehand exercises already, so what’s this? An Intelligent Home Gym is an all-in-one fitness system.

The Intelligent Home Gym is a fairly new technology that’s going to be a trendsetter of the fitness industry soon. Wondering what surprises an intelligent home system packs? Don’t worry I’ve got it covered!

An intelligent home gym covers a full-body workout. Be upper body or lower body, an intelligent home system supports hundreds of workout moves.

With the help of an intelligent home system, you’ll be able to lift up to 200 pounds with its digital weight system. The spectacular technology replaces all weight room equipment without any of the bulk.

Another notable thing about this technology is it’s smart A.I. It learns from your body and adapts in real-time so that you can see the results of your workout in a relatively short time.

And it also has personalized trainers for any kind of workout you choose! So rest assured you’ll get proper guidance with this intelligent home gym!

Now with an Intelligent home gym, you won’t have to visit the McDonalds, you can just order it!

(p.s. fried foods aren’t good for your health XD). All jokes aside the Intelligent Home gyms are truly the future of fitness.

But like the Workout mirror, it also has a pricing issue. With prices ranging up to $3000, this won’t seem appealing to most of the consumers. So as always, I’ve got something else that you might want to take a look at. And in this case, it’s a portable home gym from INTENT SPORTS.

What’s a portable home gym? Well, its everything a gym offers but without the hassle of maintaining a gym. And on top of that, you get to reap the benefits from the comfort of your home.

The most attractive feature of this portable home gym is its compact design. It’s ab;e to resist any kind of wear and tear. The portable home gym contains a startup guide containing 76 exercises, resistance bands, collapsible bars, handles, straps, and many more.

So do I recommend it? Yes, of course! At a relatively cheap price point, you’ll be getting all the benefits from your home. Who wouldn’t want it!

Link: https://amzn.to/2WTsyim

#3. Gesture Control Watch

Smartwatches have been a thing now for quite some time. People often think that this is the pinnacle of watch technology. But what if I told you everyone was wrong? Yes, that’s right! The next step in the smartwatch industry is the gesture control watches.

As the name states, its a watch that uses gesture control as a method of using the watch. And these hand gestures can be utilized for any watch function. For example, snapping fingers, tapping a surface, or turning your wrists are some of the actions that can be used for different actions such as answering calls, playing music, taking pictures.

These watches also act as a gesture control device for VR games. Saving you the cost of additional VR control sets!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg of its usage. Playing music, taking pictures, replying to messages, checking your business inquiries, or making important appointments you name it and this watch can do it!

Though stickman here doesn’t know what he’s doing, the gesture control watch does provide all the utilities of a smartphone from the back of your wrist!

But as this technology is still in prototype and released in limited amounts, you might have to wait sometime to get your hands on one of these. But if you aren’t willing to wait potentially a good amount of time then you might want to take a look at the UWINMO smartwatch.

UWINMO smartwatch is perhaps the most affordable and all fronts covered smartwatch on the market right now.

This smartwatch is made from high-quality silicone material. It has a 1.3-inch smooth screen and runs on either android 4.3 or IOS 9.0. It also has a standby time of 1 week.

Though it has features like most other smartwatches, perhaps its most attractive features are its heart rate monitoring system and IP67 waterproof rating.

So if you’re on a budget and don’t own a smartwatch or you simply want an upgrade to your already existing watch, this is the one to go for.

Link: https://amzn.to/2WqUE5w

#4. Stun Gun phone cases

Let’s face it, safety is a prime concern for everyone these days. And with the crime rates surging nearly every day across the world. All of us need to take the necessary precautions of facing these predators.

You might get kidnapped, molested, or robbed, in short, any kind of bad situation might occur. That’s why I believe this next technology might just be a lifesaver. I’m talking about stun gun phone cases.

So what are its utilities? Well as like other phone cases its primary job is to protect the phone. But it also provides other services besides that.

As mentioned above this phone case has a mammoth 7,000,000 (approximately) volt stun gun integrated for self-defense. It also acts as a power bank as it can charge the phone’s battery for up to 20 additional hours of standby time

This case is very safe to carry around too. This case has two main safety features, a master arm switch, and an electrode passing switch. Giving you double protection of not causing any kind of accidents.

But wait isn’t stunning guns illegal? Well not actually, as 43 states allow you to have a stun gun if you’re over 18 years old. But as this isn’t technically a stun gun, this product sort of bypasses that measure.

Phew! That was a lot of serious talks! Loosen up a bit and look at this meme XD. And by the way, don’t get scared your cat doesn’t use a phone, so she won’t be able to use this technology on you!

But what if you wanted something simpler? Have a look at the iPhone 11 cases from MKEKE.

Though this phone case doesn’t hold as much utility as the case mentioned above, it’s simple and gets the job done of saving your phone from accidents. This case is gorgeous looking and will match with your looks.

This case has a crystal clear cover with a slick yet simple design. It’s also very durable as it offers total protection from sudden drops and is scratch resistant. And it also comes at a few different color palettes. So go over there and pick one! Simple things are always better!

Link: https://amzn.to/2WqUE5w

#5. Smart Portable Air Conditioners

At one point or another, we’ve all been told to use the A/C as little as possible. And let me assure you none of us like hearing that phrase. Especially on a hot summer day. Though we didn’t have a solution for that back then, we have one now! It’s called smart portable air conditioners.

A smart portable air conditioner does exactly what it says in the name, its a portable air conditioner.

It simulates a natural breeze that cools your body down so that you don’t catch a cold. It uses an evaporative cooling method that drops air temperature up to 59 °F.

These smart portable air conditioners filter out dust particles so that you can breathe in the fresh air. It also warms the surrounding air to create a comfortable environment. It can be also used as a humidifier in winter.

Aside from that, It’s a very energy-efficient technology and very quiet. Most A/C’s are loud and it runs up electric bills, but these portable A/C’s cost a fraction of that to run and are very energy efficient.

It’s very easy to use too. Even if you’ve never used a gadget before in your life you’d be able to use it. First, you’ll need to detach the water tank. Fill it up with water, reattach it, and set the power you want it to run on. As easy as that.

Like Gru here, you won’t have to be worried about your A/C being broken if you have a smart portable A/C. Simplicity is the biggest strong point of a smart portable A/C.

But one thing to keep in mind here is that there aren’t many vendors that distribute this product. And as this product is mostly in its developmental stages, you might have to wait some time to get your hands on one of these.

But hey don’t worry! You won’t have to burn in the scorching summer heat. We’ve still got a solution for that. As the heat rises your body will get dehydrated. Wouldn’t it be great if you had something cool to drink? You could certainly have that cool drink from a Chefman Mini Portable Compact Personal Fridge.

I know what you’re going to say. “Wait, what’s that?”, this my dear reader is the best mini portable fridge out there!

This portable fridge is so small that you can carry it with you anywhere! Pool party, beach, office you name it and it can be taken there. It has a 4-liter capacity that can chill six 12 oz. soda cans. It has an interior of 5 x 5 x 7.5 and includes a removable shelf so you can store small items such as yogurt, fruit, milk.

But perhaps its most interesting feature is the function of either heating or cooling foods. You can pick a state to run your fridge on with just the press of a button. It’s also 100% Eco-friendly and safe. So this summer you better put this on your bucket list of buying things! It’s irresistible!


#6. Portable River Turbine

The world is moving towards utilizing sustainable energy sources. And every day, there are a lot of people that are picking out a source of sustainable energy as their primary energy source.

Though the use of sustainable energy is still limited, what if I told you you could implement it in even the smallest things of your life? Don’t worry I won’t keep you waiting. I’m talking about Portable river turbines.

What’s that? No, you won’t have to carry a huge turbine with you! It’s a portable power source that lets you derive energy from sources such as Wind and Stream water. And even if you don’t have a source of energy, you can still generate power using a hand in emergencies.

Portable river turbines were mainly developed for paddlers, campers, and off-gridders around the world.

This turbine can charge USB and 12V devices, including cell phones, GoPros, LED lights. And if the battery or generator fuel of your boat, RV or cabin dies, The portable turbine can serve your power. It can also act as a 24-hour constant energy supply during times of emergency.

Here’s a fun fact, these portable turbines can generate up to 360w power a day. On the other hand, a 42w solar panel can generate 42w power if you’re lucky and a 100w panel can generate up to 100w! But no matter how much heat is given it won’t exceed that limit of energy generation.

Exactly! We all love free heat! But wind and water current generate more energy and that’s what the Portable river turbine capitalizes on.

But as with the perks, there are some other things you should know too. This portable turbine isn’t easy to carry around. And if you don’t live around a windy area or an area where you’ll find water streams, this portable turbine might seem to be a hassle to you.

So what can we do then? We do need an alternative energy source, at least for our cell phones as a drained out cell phone is the last thing you need during an emergency. That’s why you need a Mophie Powerstation XXL External Battery.

The power station XXL external battery is a mammoth 20,000 mAh capacity power bank that can charge your device for days. It has a very slim build in comparison to the power it serves. It has a 2.1 amp output to charge your devices.

It has three charging ports, so it can charge up to 3 devices at once. It’s compatible with any kind of device’s phones, smartwatches, tablets. It can charge everything. It’s also compatible with all kinds of phone models. And to finish it off, it has a slick aluminum finish that gives it a clean look.

It’s certainly value for money if you ask me.

Link: https://amzn.to/2WNjgUL

#7. Motion sickness reduction glasses

We’ve all felt motion sickness at least once in our life. And I’ll be honest, it feels horrible. All nausea and the feel of puke coming out isn’t a good sight for anyone let alone yourself. But there’s a revolutionary technology that can cure motion sickness!

It’s called motion sickness reduction glasses. Though originally designed for sailors, the developers then decided to release this technology for the masses.

These glasses use technology by the name of Boarding RingTM technology. This technology is patented and has an efficacy rate of over 95%.

The glasses are equipped with moving liquids in the rings around the eyes. These liquids alongside the frame of the glass help recreate the horizon line that removes the conflict between senses.

So how do these glasses work? Very simple! You need to put on the glasses as soon as you feel the symptoms of motion sickness. After 10 minutes, the glasses allow the mind to re-sync with the movement while your eye is focused on an immobile object such as a book or your phone. That’s it! Take the glasses off you won’t need it anymore!

Let’s just say you’re curing your motion sickness through this. And someday you might not even need it anymore!

But what if you don’t have motion sickness? Don’t worry I’ve got something for everyone! How about you took a look at this awesome looking polaroid sunglasses?

Wearing these sunglasses from Polaroid will give you the missing piece on your good looks. Hey, I’m seriously not joking! Go take a look at it yourself! You’ll love these sunglass.

It has a metal body and a TriAcetate Cellulose lens. It also has a 100% UV protection coating. It comes in a branded case and 7 different colors. Go give it a look! You won’t regret it.

Link: https://amzn.to/2SVwHkD

Wrapping Up

Technology and our lives are being merged every day. And hopefully, this article described it well enough. Anything from a simple mirror to our energy sources is being alternated positively.

You might’ve known about what we’ve just discussed or you mightn’t have known anything. But the punchline is technology is improving our lives every day without us knowing or having any idea about it.

We can only guess what the future holds in terms of technology for us.

Do you have any suggestions or comments regarding this article? Then let us know down in the comment section below. Have a nice day!



Finding the future involves sailing beyond a horizon, on a ship built of ideas, innovations, dreams.

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Finding the future involves sailing beyond a horizon, on a ship built of ideas, innovations, dreams.