Not Flying Cars — but 5 new technologies that’ll revolutionize the future

Quantum Computing

Engineered Cells

Drone Swarms

If there’s one thing that constantly amazes programmers and biologists, it’s the organization’s abilities of eusocial insects. Eusocial insects can cooperate as if they were a single consciousness, each individual acting almost like a cell of a much larger life-form. Fire ants can form rafts to survive floods, and bees can coordinate to collect all pollen in a 5km radius (Tovey 2017, Klein 2019).

Fusion Reactors

Its been almost 100 years since nuclear fission was discovered by Otto Han and his assistant Fritz Strassmann. Since harnessing the atom, we’ve used it to power our homes and also use it to build devastating nuclear weapons. However nuclear fission has a couple of issues. For one, the left-over irradiated waste is near-impossible to treat — and the only way to get rid of it is to store it until it stops radiating.

Brain-Computer Interfaces



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