Top 5 Emerging Technologies You Should Know About In 2020

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Have you ever wondered how things might look a few years later? It’s hard to believe that 3G networks were once considered the pinnacle of networking technology. Though we like to believe we’re always using the latest technologies, there’s always something else in the background waiting to be unveiled.

Whatever technology you’re using now might not be used a few years later. And as technologies are constantly evolving, it’d be wise to keep the upcoming technologies in mind while making any decisions.

But ultimately it all comes down to how you want to utilize the upcoming technologies. Do you want to use them for personal use? Or do you want to use them for business purposes?

To make these decisions easier for, let’s take a look at the top 5 emerging technologies you should know about in 2020.

What Are Emerging Technologies?

You might be surprised to read this but not all technologies will seem to be emerging to everyone. Emerging technologies are more of a relative term. It depends mainly on the person who the technology might seem attractive too.

For example, cloud computing might seem revolutionary to people working in the IT sector. But for someone working in the health sector, it might not seem much. To them, things such as virtual reality will seem valuable.

#1. Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS)

Robotics-as-a-service is an excellent example of emerging technologies that are going to take the world by storm. Robotics-as-a-service or RaaS simply means automating various difficult processes with the help of robots and AI software.

As everything is constantly evolving it’s getting harder for humans to do certain branches of work. Both hardware and human resources consume a lot of the company’s resources that could be used in other useful places.

That’s where RaaS is most useful. A well-programmed robot only needs an operator to do any kind of work that might seem too much for a group of humans. Having a RaaS means you’ll be able to save tons of useful resources.

Now you might think of getting yourself a robot. But as good as that sounds robots aren’t available for purchasing (At Least the ones to help you out). So what can you do? Well, you can take a look at the Gilobaby robot toy!

This cute little toy will remind you of Wall-e from the Dreamworks movie of the same name. This robot toy won’t be able to help you in your day to day chores, it will surely keep you entertained with its cute baby-like features.

With its interactive features, singing, and dancing, it’s sure to keep you and your family entertained.


#2. Professional Mixed Reality Devices

What springs to your mind when someone says VR devices? I can bet it’s somewhere in between being a Jedi on beat saber and being a surgeon on surgeon simulator.

The usage of VR has excelled in far more ways than one can imagine. You’ll be amazed to know that there are even VR devices for mobile phones these days.

But there’s more than just simple VR devices these days. There is a kind of technology emerging by the name of professional mixed reality devices. And just as the name implies, they are being designed for professionals.

Mixed reality devices are designed to make things appear in front of rather than just showing on a display. These devices can also blend objects from the real world into your vision. You’ll be able to see things around you such as your hand and surroundings.

So where can this technology be implied? Well, it can be used in any practical field where it’s risky to access through normal means. For example, Doctors, engineers, and researchers will benefit greatly from using mixed reality devices.

Though it will benefit professionals don’t use it to act as a surgeon

(looking at you VR surgeon simulator players!)

So you might now be wondering how it would feel to get your hands on one of the mixed reality devices. Though they are available, they aren’t mass-produced as they are meant for professionals only.

So what can you do? Well, you can still experience virtual reality through your mobile devices. How? I’m glad you asked! The VR headset provided by BNEXT is compatible with your mobile devices such as android and iPhone.

Not only can you play games such as Need for speed and Minecraft, but also you can watch movies on it. But one thing is for sure here, if you’re looking for something affordable and can provide you quality VR experience then this VR headset is the one you should go for.


#3. Biochips

Biochips can seem confusing to some at first. Don’t worry! It’s not chips made from biological components! Biochips are logical devices that can perform actions in a biological environment, inside a living body to be specific.

Unlike microchips, biochips aren’t electronic devices. Biochips are miniature laboratories that can perform thousands of biochemical reactions simultaneously.

So what are the applications of biochips you ask? It has quite an array of applications. For example, a person or an animal who has biochips implemented to them can be traced no matter where they are. This will specifically be useful for prisoners and hostiles.

Besides that, a biochip can also play a great role in the medical sector. A biochip designated for a patient can store and update the information of a patient such as medical records and demographics. A biochip also can be applied as a BP sensor, glucose detector, and oxygen sensor

Oh and one more thing, they aren’t chips so don’t eat them!

But what we just discussed was the tip of the iceberg. And if you want to know more about biochips it’s applications and influences then I recommend you take a look at the book Biochips: technology and applications.

This book is written by the frontrunners of the biochip field and discusses their latest research work. Upon reading this book you’re bound to be astonished by the fact how biochips are being implemented and influenced into our lives. Everything from drug discovery and detection technology has been thoroughly discussed in this book. Go give it a read.


#4. Portable MRI Machines

People know a lot about MRI these days thanks to books that discuss MRI thoroughly. But even if you know everything about MRI you probably don’t know the next thing I’m about to tell you.

You might know this already but doing MRI tests can be a pain in the butt. And for the people that are elderly, it might seem a bit of a hassle to get them to the radiology room due to health issues.

But recently the U.S. FDA has approved portable MRI machines. This can prove to be a technology that can change the overall field of medical equipment.

As we all know normal MRI machines are costly and consume a lot of power which results in the tests being costly. But with the new portable MRI machine, it was said that it costs 20-times less than a normal MRI machine. It also consumed 35% less power and weighed 10% less than normal MRI machines.

All these reductions mean overall cost reduction for patients as well as the hospital authorities. So if you have a car crash somehow and hurt yourself you can count on using a portable MRI!

All jokes aside, have you ever wondered how MRI works? And if you are one of those lucky people that have never gone inside an MRI machine, then you probably don’t know how an MRI machine works and what MRI is basically.

And even if you’ve gone inside of that wretched machine haven’t you ever had the slightest interest in how that machine or how MRI works? Chances are that you’ve thought about it and you want to know about it. And if you want to know MRI in and out then there’s no better option than the book MRI in practice,

This book covers everything you need to know about MRI in general. Everything from the physics behind MRI to the details of the process has been discussed in colored illustrations and high-quality MRI images. Rest assured on the fact that this book by Catherine Westbrook will answer any question you have regarding MRI.


#5. Augmented Intelligence

Augmented intelligence is a technology that you won’t even notice that much but is impacting our lives nonetheless.

So what is Augmented Intelligence? Augmented intelligence is a form of artificial intelligence that helps humans to work faster and smarter. And unlike various intelligence-based tools, augmented intelligence was designed to help humans rather them replacing humans *cough AI-based vehicle piloting cough*.

So where is it used you ask? Well, it’s being used everywhere! Let me give an example.

Suppose you’ve watched Drake on Youtube. But wait for no one watches Drake, forget that pretend it’s Eminem. So after you’re done watching one of his songs the augmented intelligence will suggest you rap songs in the recommended section.

Based on previous data, augmented intelligence will suggest what to do next to save both time and resources. And no matter what you choose, it will work hard to create a human-machine collaboration.

But augmented intelligence is something that no matter how much you talk about it’ll always seem as if something is missing. Luckily, there’s a book by the name of Augmented Intelligence: The Business Power of Human-Machine Collaboration that explains everything about augmented intelligence in a nutshell.

As time is progressing, we’re constantly depending on machine learning and AI. And as augmented intelligence capitalizes on AI, it’s very logical to seek out knowledge about Augmented intelligence. Trust me, this book will force you to rethink what you knew regarding augmented intelligence.


Wrapping Up

As time is passing by technology is evolving too. And to keep up with the modern times it’s necessary to know about the emerging technologies.

No matter what field you talk about, you will always find a technology that’s emerging in that sector. Everything from helping on our physical chores to assisting us mentally, these upcoming technologies can do it all.

Ultimately it rests on our shoulder how we decide to use these beautiful technological gifts. Utilizing them properly will result positively for everyone.




Finding the future involves sailing beyond a horizon, on a ship built of ideas, innovations, dreams.

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Finding the future involves sailing beyond a horizon, on a ship built of ideas, innovations, dreams.

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